Rodoni Beach is located on Cape Rodon and offers a paradisiacal setting surrounded by nature. Hiking along the steep slopes to the Rodoni Castle offers a stunning view of the open sea.

This special place is known for its little tourism influence and its wild, virgin beaches. Upon our arrival we experienced the beauty of nature and saw few visitors. However, we were surprised by the amount of trash littered on the beach, which contradicted the claim that nature was intact.

This situation led us to question whether all this trash could have been washed onto the beach from the open sea. The objects we found in the sand clearly indicated that most of the items had been recently abandoned by beach visitors, reflecting a clear lack of environmental awareness. For example, we found several pizza boxes, some with their contents, as well as bottles and cans of drinks. We were very surprised to find that despite the availability of sufficient garbage containers to dispose of waste, they were almost empty.

For several hours we concentrated on cleaning part of Rodoni beach. During this time we collected a total of seven 110 liter bags of waste and deposited them in the nearest garbage containers. The most frequently found items were plastic bottles and their caps, containers and, surprisingly, shoes.

During the collection we spoke with local people. One of the most notable conversations was with two police officers, to whom we mentioned the issue of the amount of garbage thrown on the beach and its obvious problem. Their response was direct: It is not their area of ​​responsibility and at the end they commented: “This is Albania.”

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  1. Ada Rodríguez Gutiérrez

    Si es que…unos por otros y la casa sin barrer!!!.No existe conciencia,y esto es así.Besiños.

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