We both like to explore the outdoors, new cultures and new experiences. We share a curiosity for the unknown and the flexibility and courage to step out of our comfort zones. We are passionate about seeking out new challenges and different ways of living in touch with nature. We firmly believe that what matters in life is quality, not quantity.

Over the last 10 years we have done a few backpacking and van trips. Our next adventure will be sailing.


I come from Galicia, one of the Spanish regions with the wildest and most fascinating seas. Since I was a child, I have always loved getting to know new places and people from all over the world. As a child, I spent every summer travelling with my family in a camper van. One of my passions is dancing. When I’m not dancing bachata, I enjoy spending time in nature. Although sailing is not entirely new to me, I have very little experience of sailing on the high seas. This is one of the reasons why this trip is particularly interesting and exciting.


I am from the Bavarian region of Germany. I discovered my passion for sailing during my childhood. My interest in technology led me to build my own boat when I was 16. Few years later I became a member of the “Sailing Team Germany”, where I successfully competed in national and international regattas as a boat captain and sailor on a 50-foot yacht. Living outdoors and close to nature is the key to get my balanced physical and mental well-being.