Next weekend we are going to plant 400 trees in Austria (Salzburg region). We warmly invite you to take part in this event! Together we can make a positive contribution to Nature. All participants will be able to name their favourite tree.

Planting trees is extremely important because of their positive impact on the environment. They produce oxygen, filter pollutants from the air, provide habitat for animals and help regulate the climate by storing CO2. By planting trees, we can actively contribute to improving air quality, promoting biodiversity and strengthen Nature.

The tree planting campaign will take place 15th and/or 16th March (depending on weather conditions) in the Salzburg region of Austria. Meeting point details will be shared upon confirmation of attendance.

Drinks and snacks will be provided by NATURAL EQUILIBRIUM. Participants willing to stay for both days will need to arrange an accommodation. 

To sign up, please register here by 13th March. We kindly ask you to provide your name and number of participants.

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